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We work extremely hard to help artists, producers, composers, and songwriters in achieving their goals and producing professional quality music and art.


Mission Statement

To shine light on the current industry and bring unique art and remarkable talent to the forefront


Every Project is different

We can help sweeten things up to get your project buzzing.

Recording Session

Track, produce, and create your song or project at our state of the art studio.

Production & Mixing

Take your song to the next level. Tell us about your goals and let’s smash them.

Music Recording

Record, produce, mix and master your song with us all for an affordable flat fee.


Schedule your one on one private consultation with Lit Honey Productions.

Artist Development

Work with our team to get your music heard. Together we can develop a custom tailored marketing plan.

Video Production

We have access to all the pros in the video production industry. It’s time for your videos to go viral.


Studio Time

We make it easy and simple. Pick the package that works for you and book your studio time now.



Most Popular

4 Hours of studio time.

Price: $200



Save 10%

8 Hours of studio time.

Price: $360



Save 15%

12 Hours of studio time.

Price: $510


3 Songs

10 Hours of studio time which includes mixing and mastering. 50% Deposit required.

Price: $850

Now Offering

Promo Packs

Get your project heard by the masses and create the buzz you have been craving! Music Promo Packs and Release Strategy/Marketing Plans are now available!

Lit Honey Productions Owner


Dan Searl

Experienced Music Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. Skilled in Audio Recording, Sound Engineering, Composition, Guitar Playing, Jazz, and Sound Design. Strong professional arts and design skills.

B.A. Berklee College of Music. – Performance


What’s the buzz all about?

Keeping everyone happy is our top priority at Lit Honey Productions.

Without a doubt the most talented musician I’ve ever worked with. Through helpful recommendations and using his top-notch production skills, Dan brought my music to life. Dan brings things to the table that you probably hadn’t even thought of, and that’s what makes him such a valuable partner. I definitely will be coming back to do more work with Dan!

Justin B.

Daniel Searl is the definitely one of the best professional music producers I have ever worked in my life. He is always 100% focused on his work he has a big knowledge and experience about the music also he is giving great music perspectives and ideas to other musicians. Totally recommended!.

Wiktoria W.

Dan was very professional and was able to fit our son in. His music knowledge and recording capabilities allowed our son to record an original with his girl friend that they had just wrote together! We can’t wait to use him again on their next work of art!

Lori G.