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Founded in 2018, Lit Honey Productions aims to bring quality music and art to audiences worldwide. After a huge Instagram response proved to show an ongoing demand for cutting edge Art and Music: Lit Honey Productions was formed. Created with a manifesto that aims to shine light on the current industry and bring unique art and remarkable talent to the forefront. To unite Musicians and Visual Artists alike to amplify the arts scene in New England. Our studio is a high-energy but intimidation-free space that nurtures creativity and composition. Now, we are in the new millennium along with all the technology that is associated with it. Budgets are tighter, but our studio has thrived with the proper mix of ingredients: a level of technical, engineering and support staff unmatched in the new era; a comfortable (but not over-the-top) creative space, surroundings, amenities, artists; and, not least, experienced leadership assuring the continuity of these ingredients and engendering client loyalty.

The Music Industry is an arena buzzing with producers, creators, and self-sufficient artists wielding a larger share of the power, budgets, and development. Technology has advanced pace, but the busy studios at Lit Honey productions are proof that the age-old tradition of live recording, overdubbing, mixing, and mastering in a state-of-the-art environment is always worthwhile. In addition, having a place in a growing community and arts scene is an essential part of rising as a breaking local artist. As one of the notable rising record labels in the Boston Area, Lit Honey Productions offers connection and exposure with it’s growing community of Artists, Music Lovers, and fans across the United States and Worldwide.

Dan Searl

Music is My Passion

“I enjoy spending time in the studio just being creative and trying new techniques that I can recommend to my clients.
It’s all about staying on top of the creative process and learning to keep that cycle going.”

Dan Searl Mixing in the Studio
Dan Searl Recording in the Studio
Dan Searl Mastering in the Studio

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Upcoming Artists

Lit Honey Productions is always looking for upcoming artists to work with whether in the studio or live in concert. Submit your Music to our review board!

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